Key to Happiness // Change Something

18 Jan



If you’re still looking for a New Year’s Resolution, check out this poster that I couldn’t help re-blogging from schiaparelli pink!


From the outside looking in // Peckham online

12 Jan

So I Googled where I live to see what the world sees when they look at us:

(3am magazine)




only fools and horses(BBC)




Try it!


When I woke up in the morning, the feeling was still there // Angus Fairhurst // 1992

11 Jan

(image: The Estate of Angus Fairhurst)


I love Angus Fairhurst’s work so much. So much. Seriously. So here I am sharing that love with you! I’ve written a couple of articles about his work before, but I would love love love to be working on his catalogue raisonne. There have been a couple of great posthumous exhibitions recently, at Sadie Coles and at the Arnolfini, but you can check this print – When I woke up in the morning the feeling was still there – out in the Tate Modern print room. It’s from the London Series, and there should be a fair few copies floating around in other public (and personal!) collections if you’re outside of London. So there we go. I just wanted to spend today expressing my big love for AF. Thanks for listening.

Le Corbusier // Minotaure Mural // Pavillon Suisse // Paris

9 Jan

I’m currently working on a little project (exciting!) to show you all soon! For now, though, I’ll leave you with this photo I took on a recent trip to Paris – it’s the mural from the common room at the Pavillon Suisse, Cité Universitaire, Paris. I love the graphic design of the mural (it’s massive, this is only a small part!) at the bright, mid-century Modern colours:

I need sunshine!

8 Jan

So it’s pretty much been raining on and off all week (year?!), and I’ve been struggling against the mud to rake up the gazillions of leaves that have over taken my garden all afternoon…. I’ve decided that I seriously need some sunshine! I think that looking at all the pre-collections and spring summer 11 trends has been making me a bit jealous of summertime, so here’s a dreamy photo I took back in New Zealand… I seriously miss this place and can’t wait to get back there – hopefully very very soon (!) Anyway, the days are gradually getting longer here since the Solstice a couple of weeks ago, so hopefully we’ll be out of the dark soon!


Mountain Tote Bag // Blue Tulip // Etsy

8 Jan

Even more mountains!
As you’ve probably noticed, I kind of have an obsession with mountainy things right now….check out this beautiful tote bag by Blue Tulip:


Cute, right? Click to shop for it on Etsy!

Juliette Hogan // Spring Summer 11 Look Book // Textbook Beautiful

8 Jan

This might just be the prettiest look book around for SS11.


What a collection, right?

These are by young New Zealand designer Juliette Hogan, whose work is (very sadly!) not available outside of NZ and Australia. But her boutique is so gorgeous, I might just have to make a special trip to Auckland!

(click to visit JH online!)