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Happy New Year

31 Dec


Book Club // Eat Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert (2007)

30 Dec

Apparently this book is going to change my life….

Hergé // Finding TinTin in Brussels

30 Dec

Age Old Tree’s Literary Corner

30 Dec

Can I show you something really gorgeous?

Yeah, that’s it.

This has totally changed my life.

Amazing, right?

Best. Thing. Ever.

So this is the beautiful work of Ann Marie at Age Old Tree, who took a 1922 edition of Les Mis that she bought for $6 and turned a humble corner of her home into a fantastically romantic statement. I know, I know – tearing up an antique book is a pretty scary thing to start doing, but just look at how successfully it has worked out – a little risk and a lot of reward.


photos: Ann Marie of Age Old Tree.

Mahala Le May // Useable Sparkly Spoons

30 Dec

I love these. I LOVE these. I love love love love love these.

AND, even better, they’re totally useable! OK, so you can’t put them through the dishwasher, but that’s fine, right?


photo by Mahala le May

Hilary Grant // Rocky Mountain Cushions

29 Dec

How cool are these!

Hilary Grant is a Scottish designer/illustrator who has previously worked for Alexander McQueen. You can buy these in her shop, and check out her blog to follow current projects and check out the work of her friends and collaborators.


photos by Hilary Grant

Villa Savoye // Le Corbusier

29 Dec

I went here. Did I tell you that?

this will always be my favourite bit:

Thanks, Corbu.

(Final image from Blackwatch.)