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Mountain Tote Bag // Blue Tulip // Etsy

8 Jan

Even more mountains!
As you’ve probably noticed, I kind of have an obsession with mountainy things right now….check out this beautiful tote bag by Blue Tulip:


Cute, right? Click to shop for it on Etsy!


New Year’s Resolutions, or, Things To Do This Year

2 Jan

1. Spend more time here…

(photo: The Telegraph)

….and less time here

2. Get around to processing the last year’s worth of films from this little beauty:

(photo: My Way)

3. Much more of this:


4. THIS. I wanna see it at least 100 times.

(image: indiegeniusprod)

5. Blog!

(photo:Riz Sanchez/gchic)

Let’s do it, 2011.

Happy New Year

31 Dec

the department store

28 Dec

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