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When I woke up in the morning, the feeling was still there // Angus Fairhurst // 1992

11 Jan

(image: The Estate of Angus Fairhurst)


I love Angus Fairhurst’s work so much. So much. Seriously. So here I am sharing that love with you! I’ve written a couple of articles about his work before, but I would love love love to be working on his catalogue raisonne. There have been a couple of great posthumous exhibitions recently, at Sadie Coles and at the Arnolfini, but you can check this print – When I woke up in the morning the feeling was still there – out in the Tate Modern print room. It’s from the London Series, and there should be a fair few copies floating around in other public (and personal!) collections if you’re outside of London. So there we go. I just wanted to spend today expressing my big love for AF. Thanks for listening.


Kate & Wills // Royal Wedding Commemorative Plates // KK Outlet

5 Jan

I need this in my life. Right now.

So, a little while back, Creative Review previewed the Royal Wedding Commemorative Plates which will launch January 15th at KK Outlet. I probably don’t have to tell you that they’re totally unofficial, or that they’re totally awesome. I want this top one the most, but I’d be happy with any! (or the full set…?)

(images: all Creative Review)


How much fun was that! I’m thinking I might actually set about designing some Royal Wedding Memorabilia of my own!


New Year’s Resolutions, or, Things To Do This Year

2 Jan

1. Spend more time here…

(photo: The Telegraph)

….and less time here

2. Get around to processing the last year’s worth of films from this little beauty:

(photo: My Way)

3. Much more of this:

(image: prints.co.nz)

4. THIS. I wanna see it at least 100 times.

(image: indiegeniusprod)

5. Blog!

(photo:Riz Sanchez/gchic)

Let’s do it, 2011.

Past Times // Vintage London // Life Magazine

1 Jan

Happy days.

I found these gems of London life in times gone by in the Life Magazine archives, here.

I really, really want to sunbathe on the rooves of Piccadilly.

House of Holland // London Jumper

28 Dec

I need this in my life. right now.

Click it to buy from Selfridges. (I wish!)