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I need sunshine!

8 Jan

So it’s pretty much been raining on and off all week (year?!), and I’ve been struggling against the mud to rake up the gazillions of leaves that have over taken my garden all afternoon…. I’ve decided that I seriously need some sunshine! I think that looking at all the pre-collections and spring summer 11 trends has been making me a bit jealous of summertime, so here’s a dreamy photo I took back in New Zealand… I seriously miss this place and can’t wait to get back there – hopefully very very soon (!) Anyway, the days are gradually getting longer here since the Solstice a couple of weeks ago, so hopefully we’ll be out of the dark soon!



Juliette Hogan // Spring Summer 11 Look Book // Textbook Beautiful

8 Jan

This might just be the prettiest look book around for SS11.


What a collection, right?

These are by young New Zealand designer Juliette Hogan, whose work is (very sadly!) not available outside of NZ and Australia. But her boutique is so gorgeous, I might just have to make a special trip to Auckland!

(click to visit JH online!)

New Year’s Resolutions, or, Things To Do This Year

2 Jan

1. Spend more time here…

(photo: The Telegraph)

….and less time here

2. Get around to processing the last year’s worth of films from this little beauty:

(photo: My Way)

3. Much more of this:

(image: prints.co.nz)

4. THIS. I wanna see it at least 100 times.

(image: indiegeniusprod)

5. Blog!

(photo:Riz Sanchez/gchic)

Let’s do it, 2011.

Neil Pardington // The Vault.

28 Dec


Ornithology Store 2, Te Papa

Art Store 5, Otago

Ceramics Store 1

Photo Store 1

Taonga Maori Store 5

Large Mammal Store 1


‘The Vault’ – due to open at City Gallery Wellington on January 29th 2011 – is a series by Wellington-based photographer Neil Pardington which journeys through New Zealand’s public museums and art galleries, transporting the viewer behind closed doors and repositioning us amidst the collection of objects that are Not On Display. For Pardington, the central idea is that of the camera as ‘a storehouse of ideas and images (or as Kodak would have it, memories)’, which he writes about here. These ‘ideas and images’ that his camera has recorded and amassed whilst wandering the apparently deserted back-rooms of national collections ultimately raises the big question: What Makes History?  That is, what’s on display in the Main Collection (and therefore History), and what’s been left behind, in a back room waiting to be remembered? And, conversely, The Vault re-orders our perception of these collections – such as the one that we are in, viewing these photographs on exhibition in the gallery space proper – presenting us the museum ‘from behind’.


Images top to bottom: