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Le Corbusier // Minotaure Mural // Pavillon Suisse // Paris

9 Jan

I’m currently working on a little project (exciting!) to show you all soon! For now, though, I’ll leave you with this photo I took on a recent trip to Paris – it’s the mural from the common room at the Pavillon Suisse, Cité Universitaire, Paris. I love the graphic design of the mural (it’s massive, this is only a small part!) at the bright, mid-century Modern colours:


Maison du Brésil // Le Corbusier // Cité Universitaire, Paris

5 Jan

I went here last year as part of my Le Corbusier-in-Paris Marathon. It was designed as (and still functions as) a dormitory for Brazilian students at the Cité Universitaire in Paris. Built in 1959, the interiors and design features of this brightly-coloured little gem (one side is a lot like the Unité d’Habitation at Marseilles) are some of my favourite around, combining interesting and exciting textures and lighting with Modernist, 1950s features. Check it:

(images 1-6: my own)(thanks French Disko for the last image [click for her Flickr]- it was raining the day I went!)

Villa Savoye // Le Corbusier

29 Dec

I went here. Did I tell you that?

this will always be my favourite bit:

Thanks, Corbu.

(Final image from Blackwatch.)